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July 14
Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2018? Find the best deals to help you make time for what matters most. #AmazonPrimeDay2018 #AmazonPrimeDay #Deals #Savings #FinancialTips #Money #Priorities #LivingOurPriorities

Are You Ready For Amazon Prime Day 2018?

  Get ready for sales better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday with Amazon Prime Day! This year Amazon Prime Day will run from July 16th – 17th, 2018. Trust us, you are not going to want to miss the […]
July 13
What does it mean to be God’s caretakers? Stewardship. #Stewardship #Money #Finances #LivingOurPriorities #Giving #GoodStewards #Goodstewardship

God’s Caretakers

We are God’s caretakers! That’s right. God doesn’t need us to take care of Him, but He does need us to care for what belongs to Him on this earth.   Everything Belongs To God We are told in Psalms […]
January 24
Give us this day our daily bills. This became our prayer when our finances were turned upside down. If you're bank account leaves you no choice but to wait on God, this blog post is for you.

Our Daily Bills

  Give us this day our daily bills. When our finances were turned upside down that became our prayer. As a former real estate agent, and a mortgage officer, we made a decent salary, enough to cover monthly business and […]
January 19
So you’ve used your emergency fund, now what do you do? Rebuild-and if you’re not sure how in this blog we share what and what not to do.

Rebuilding Your Emergency Fund

  So you’ve used your emergency fund, now what do you do? Tis the season to review your finances, to go over your budget and come up with a new saving’s plan for the New Year. When reviewing your financial […]
August 20
Do you have time to coupon? Let me re-phrase the question, do you have time to save money? #savingmoney #money #coupon #cashbackapps #couponing101 #freeprintable #printables #livingourpriorities

How Couponing Balanced Our Budget

  Do you have time to coupon? Let me re-phrase the question, do you have time to save money? The last few weeks we have been writing about living below your means. We’ve shared several ways to cut your expenses, […]
July 31

4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Live Below Your Means

  Living with simplicity is trending today. We all want it, many need it, but few do it. Over the last two weeks, we’ve been writing about pursuing your passion, in a balanced manner that allows you to still provide […]
July 24

How To Pursue Your Passion And Still Provide For Your Family

  Do you have an idea, or a passion that you know will be a great blessing to others; but may not result in a big payday? Yet, knowing this, you still want to pursue this passion? Today’s blog was […]
June 23

What If I Seriously Can’t Afford To Tithe?

  How can I tithe when I can barely pay my bills? This question is real. And today, I want to talk to the one who doesn’t have any income, or the one who doesn’t make enough money to pay […]
April 16

5 Reasons You Need A Budget, Even If You Have No Income

  Last week, we struck a chord with encouraging others to re-assess their goals after the quarter of the New Year. To our surprise, we found out that some hadn’t bothered re-assessing their budget goals because they didn’t feel the […]
January 30

Needs Versus Wants

  Does your family keep a running needs and wants list? What for? When we were in the real estate and mortgage business, and the market crashed, so did our finances. We lost all we had, and it prompted us […]

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