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September 20
Being still in the Lord does not mean we do nothing. Rather we must be still in the doing. What do I mean by that? Read more to find out.

3 Ways To Being Still

In the fast-paced world we live in today , being still seems to be a foreign language to most. And some of us grew up thinking, being still meant to do nothing. However, I’ve also come to know, that kingdom […]
September 20
Looking for some inspiration this Christmas season? Check my 2017 Review for the DaySpring Annual Christmas Preview!

DaySpring Annual Christmas Preview {2017 Review}

  Tis the season to skip the fall, jump right into winter, and gear up for Christmas! I use to think; can’t we pass Thanksgiving, before we start talking about or decorating for Christmas? However, when DaySpring invited me to […]
September 15
Blogging is not for the faint at heart. And nobody knows that better than your peers. So we’re excited to have received The Bloggers Recognition Award! Read more to learn about the 15 bloggers we nominated.

The Blogger Recognition Award

  We are truly humbled to be nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award by Tammy with Footprints of Inspiration. How Living Our Priorities Started In 2007, Andre and I faced the most difficult time our life. We suffered extreme sadness […]
September 9

Why We Started An Un-Answered Prayer List

  Prayer list, we all have them. Even prayers that don’t get answered, are still answered prayers! Say what? Yes. You read that right. Unanswered prayers are just not the answer we prayed for; or did we? Answered Prayer Wall A […]
September 1
Behind every successful woman is a prayer and a planner. But let me be clear, not just any planner will work. Read more to find out why I switched from Bullet Journal To DaySpring Agenda Planner.

Why I Switched From Bullet Journal To DaySpring Agenda Planner

  If you’re too busy for God, then you are just too busy! Can I get an Amen, Sista? Addressing our busyness can be a challenge. Especially, if we’re not honest with how we spend our time. And if you […]
August 24
Do your posts, shared images, and comments, reflect your testimony when using social media? Read more to learn 4 pitfalls that affect your testimony on social media. #socialmedia #livingourpriorities #testimony

4 Pitfalls That Affect Your Testimony When Using Social Media

If we were to scroll through your social media profile, what would we find? Would your posts, shared images, and comments, be a reflection of your testimony when using social media? Social media good or bad is a wonderful tool […]
August 17
Communicating with today’s generation of kids, isn’t easy. But we are changing that in our household! Learn two ways to open the lines of communication with children, especially during the school year.

Two Ways We Open The Lines Of Communication With Our Children During The School Year

  Let’s face it, communicating with the children of this generation isn’t easy. However, there are ways to open lines of communication, especially during the school year. Many children have a better relationship with their friends and technology than they […]
August 9
There's more “to do” than can ever get done. That revelation alone, is overwhelming. Here are 7 solutions to everyday overwhelm, that you can do right now; to reclaim peace, and productivity!

7 Solutions To Everyday Overwhelm – Guest Post

  Today we welcome; Christina Maloney to the Living Our Priorities community as a guest writer! Christina mentors female entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams joyfully. We asked Christina to inspire our readers to find a balance in everyday overwhelm.  If […]
July 31
Are you holding on to a past hurt that you just can’t seem to move past? Maybe getting past the hurt starts with one word… FORGIVENESS. Tammy Rotzoll from Footprints of Inspiration, join us as a guest writer and explains how forgiveness is not for the person who hurt you, it’s for you!

Forgiveness Is For You Not Them – Guest Post

Today we welcome; Tammy Rotzoll to the Living Our Priorities community as a guest writer! Tammy encourages others to live a life they can be proud of over at Footprints of Inspiration. We asked Tammy to inspire our readers to […]
July 23
Are you carrying the spiritual weight in your marriage? In this post we welcome guest writer Kip and Tania Beasley who share a few nuggets of wisdom to help you lead your unsaved or lukewarm spouse to Christ.

How To Lead Your Unsaved Or Lukewarm Spouse To Christ – Guest Post

  Today we welcome; Kip and Tania Beasley to the Living Our Priorities community as a guest writer! Kip and Tania are a powerful husband and wife team, who coach couples to reach lifetime partnerships! We asked them to encourage […]

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