June 22
Our world is filled with many men, but few real men. Young boys today need to see real men of God man up and take back our families, our church, and our communities. Read more to learn how.

Man Up!

  In today’s culture we seem to celebrate diversity; yet, there’s a huge effort to minimize the unique qualities of real men. What the world needs today are real and authentic men. And it’s time for men of God to […]
June 15
Fathers do you parent your children from a place of provoking or from a place of love? In this post I share how I identified and changed my parenting.

Do You Struggle With Provoking Your Children?

Is it possible that the behavior of our children is a result of our parenting? This is a question I have been pondering on for a few months. As a father, I can tell you, this has been a challenge […]
June 1
Do you walk in the spirit of offense? The truth is, all of us at one time or another, have either been offended or offended someone. But the good news is that we can identify the spirit of offense within us and shield up against it. #thespiritofoffense #livingourpriorities #ShieldUp

Shield Up Against The Spirit Of Offense

  Do you walk in the spirit of offense? All of us at one time or another, have either been offended or offended someone. And the good news is, we all have the opportunity to SHIELD UP! How Do I […]
May 25
Are you experiencing ministry burnout? Often times, we serve where there’s a need rather than where we’re gifted. The truth is, most of us are unaware of our spiritual gifts. However, you can discover your gifts by taking the FREE spiritual gift survey included in this blog post! #minsitry #spiritualgifts #livingourpriorities

Where Do I Fit?

  The struggle to fit in today is real. And we’re not talking about fitting in at school, your workplace or even with your family. No. We’re talking about believers finding their place within the Body of Christ. Where Do […]
May 18
Woman today do it all! Whether they work inside or outside the home, woman are holding it down. And while Salary.com estimated a salary for mother’s; what does the Bible say about a woman's worth?

Ruby In The Rough

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…Do you remember that song from back in the day? Sometimes as women, we feel like we can do it all; even if we’re not recognized for it. Until […]
May 11
Is Your Son Prepared For The Other Woman? As mothers, we'd like to think that we will always be the woman of our sons heart, but the truth is one day a young lady will win his heart. And the real question becomes: will he be ready? Better yet, will you?

Is Your Son Prepared For The Other Woman?

  What kind of husband will your son grow up to be? More importantly, will your son be prepared for the other woman? We are living in a time where divorce rates are higher than ever before, even within the […]
May 4
My greatest accomplishment in this life is raising the children God has given me. So on Mother’s Day I actually buy them gifts. As it is only because of them, that I have the privilege to be called mom!

Why I Give My Kids Gifts On Mother’s Day

  Only our mother would do something like this! That’s what my kids said last year when I gave them a gift on Mother’s Day. I’m sure you’re wondering why I do this. And as much as I would like […]
April 28
When we recognized that God chose us to raise His children, motherhood no longer becomes a struggle, rather a calling! In this post we explain the call to mothers to live a life of honor while raising their children. (Printable Mother’s Day Bookmark Included)

The Call To Live A Life of Honor – Mother’s Day Printable Bookmark Included

  Whether you’re a mother to one or ten children, the struggle of motherhood is real! We hustle to get the kids out the door, earn a living (in or out of the home), try to get our time in […]
April 19
Parenting takes on a whole new meaning when we internalized our children belong to God. And since they belong to God we have the responsibility to raise them in The Way they should go. Read more to learn 4 ways to lead The Way in your home with your children.

They’re Not Mine

  Raising children today is no small task. Especially when you realize they’re not yours! Our Children Belong To God Parenting takes on a whole new meaning when we internalized our children belong to God. There are many couples who […]
April 12
Are you prepared for a harvest? Sure we all want more in life. However, whether we're content or not with our harvest in life, all comes down to how we prepare. Here are 6 ways to prepare your life for a harvest right now!

Prepare Your Field!

  Are you prepared for a harvest? The Story Of Two Farmers Two farmers were waiting for their harvest season. Farmer A went out and cleared his field, planted seeds, watered and nursed the field every day. Farmer B planted […]

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