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Thank you to all of our readers who have expressed how Living Our Priorities has been an inspiration to your walk with God and in your relationships!

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The best and most effective way our readers can support us is through prayer. If you’ve read our about section, you would know that in addition to maintaining this blog, we work, serve as Pastors at our church, and are devoted parents to our precious children. Our prayer is that God will continue to give us the wisdom to “say no to the good, for the sake of the better,” so that we do not lose sight of our priorities: God, Spouse, Family, Ministry, and Work.

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There is nothing more encouraging to us, than to hear from you personally, letting us know how our blogs have inspired, encouraged or have helped you. Every blog is written with the heart of reaching the one. The one, who may need to be encouraged. We would love to receive an email, read a comment on a blog, or read a post on any of our social media outlets, letting us know how a blog has helped you!


    When you read a blog that you think will strengthen or encourage someone, please share it! Word of mouth has always been the best source for advertisement. So, the more you share, the more people we can encourage. To make sharing convenient, the bottom of every blog includes share icons through a variety of social media outlets.

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    While we make our eBook, Embracing God’s Priorities, a welcome gift to everyone who subscribes to our email list, you can purchase a paperback or kindle version by visiting our store page. If you love game nights, be sure to check out The Game Ledger, you can now record every victory and every defeat in one place! And stay tuned, as we are working on new books that will be coming soon!


    The goal of Living Our Priorities is to inspire others to live within the priorities of God. That’s why we make our eBook available to every reader for FREE. Each blog is an encouragement, a testimony or a lesson, we’ve learned while discovering and living within God’s priorities.

    Regardless of what it costs to maintain this website, our commitment is first to God, and then to our readers. While we have affiliated relationships as outlined in our associate disclaimer, we have worked diligently with our web-designer to keep advertisement non-intrusive so that it doesn’t interfere with the ease of reading our content.

    Although, we may not benefit financially from prioritizing our readers, we believe that God will honor our business ethics and provide what’s necessary to maintain the website.

    Therefore, if our content has blessed you, and you would like to donate to support Living Our Priorities, your donation will be used to maintain the upkeep and the growth of the website. As a result, we will continue to reach people around the world with the message of hope, and inspiring families to live within the priorities of God. Please don’t feel obligated to donate, nor do we expect you to. However, for those who would like to, you may do so by clicking the link below.

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    From a sincere and grateful heart, we thank all of our readers for your prayers, testimonies and financial support for the work of Living Our Priorities.

    “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.”
    ~ Romans 1:12 (NLT)

    ~ Blessings

    André and Timberley Gray

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