Having a game night with friends
and family?



Don’t play a game without it!

The Game Ledger


Now you can record EVERY victory and

defeat in ONE place!

We chose to create and sell The Game Ledger® through Amazon. This page includes our affiliate link. Read our full disclosure here.

How To Use 


Watch how easy it is to use THE GAME LEDGER® on game nights. 

A Family Keepsake Of…

Winning Proof

Avoid arguments over who won with scorekeeping proof!

Sore Losers

A fun way to remind friends and family of their loses.


A new way to keep memories of comments made during game nights.

The Scorecards

Take a look at that commentary box! 

The Game Ledger

What Families Are Saying



Write YOUR family name on the front of THE GAME LEDGER®

Hello! We're Andre & Timberley Gray

THE GAME LEDGER® was created during a time we lost everything, and were looking for FREE entertainment. 

We started out using a notebook to keep score of games we played and commentary about how we felt – sore losers or gloating winners. 

After doing this for many years, and becoming a part of our family culture, we decided to create THE GAME LEDGER® so other families can enjoy this keepsake. 

Our hope is that the next time you have a game night with friends and family, it will become customary for your family to say get…..THE GAME LEDGER®!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is THE GAME LEDGER® sold?

THE GAME LEDGER® is not sold in stores but available here or on Amazon.

How many scorecards are in THE GAME LEDGER® ?

THE GAME LEDGER® holds 200 scorecards.

What about scorecards I have that come in games I own?

Simply glue, tape or staple game scorecards in THE GAME LEDGER®. 

Start Making Memories Now!


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