May 18
Woman today do it all! Whether they work inside or outside the home, woman are holding it down. But what does the Bible say about a woman's worth? #godlywomen #proverbs31 #wife #mother #virtuous #women #inspiration #motherhood #faith

Ruby In The Rough

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…Do you remember that song from back in the day? Sometimes as women, we feel like we can do it all; even if we’re not recognized for it. Until […]
May 25
Women love to talk but there is a danger in our girl talk. Read more to learn how to discern the difference between girl talk or gossip.

The Danger of Girl Talk

  It’s just girl talk. A typical statement girlfriends use when they get together. Unfortunately, women have been known to “gossip.” We even evangelicalize it (yes, I made that up). We say; well I’m telling you this so that you […]
May 18
Recently, I was asked to describe; what it means for a wife to “submit” to her husband. I had to stop and think about that for a moment, as when you study scripture, you’ll learn there’s really no difference between being a submissive woman and a submissive wife. In fact, there’s really only a submissive woman!

What’s The Difference Between A Submissive Woman and A Submissive Wife?

  Submission is a word that many of us run from, especially women. However, recently we were a guest on a relationship podcast and were asked to describe; what it means for a wife to “submit” to her husband. Honestly, I […]
May 11
Whether you’re single, married, a mother, grandmother, friend, sister, Pastor, or whatever you want to call it; if you’re a woman, you have a need for some “me” time. And there is a way to take time for yourself regularly without feeling guilty.

How To Take Time For Yourself Regularly Without Feeling Guilty

  Ladies, if you feel like taking time for yourself regularly is selfish, I’ve got news for you. It’s not. Whether you’re single, married, a mother, grandmother, friend, sister, pastor, or whatever you want to call it; if you’re a […]
May 5
As a young single mom I was desperate for God's help. And in my searching I discovered three biblical truths for single mothers. I learned to seek God for His Wisdom, the importance of a balanced scheduled, and to rely on His provision, not my own.

3 Biblical Truths For Single Mothers

  Who isn’t an independent women these days? I mean seriously, as women, we are killin’ it. Women are educated, earn a living, buying homes, raising families, and many times all on our own. Not that women want to do […]
December 7

Don’t Be Eve

I’m every woman, it’s all in me…remember that song by Chaka Khan? Independent women are on the rise, while some men are sitting back letting women take over. We are living in a time where children are being raised without […]
October 17
Ladies, let's keep it real...nagging our men at 2am doesn't work when we want them to hear what we’re saying. If you want to your husband's attention, you’re going to have to win him over by your actions, not your words. Read more to learn how.

Newsflash: Nagging At 2am Doesn’t Work

Love is bliss when you are dating, but then when you get married it’s another story. The things that didn’t bother you; now do, the things you thought were cute; now aren’t, and what you thought you could live with; […]
September 28
Taking care of me is not selfish, it’s biblical! Read more to learn how to “take care of me” without neglecting your priorities.

Take Care of Me

  Help me, help you. I mean, is it really about me helping myself; so I can better equip my family? I didn’t learn this until our world came crashing down. We were so busy trying to put on a […]

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