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“When frustration occurs it’s usually a sign that our priorities are out of order.”

Do you ever get frustrated with life? Like many people, we found ourselves frustrated trying to find balance with our; faith, family and work.

We’ve discovered that often times when frustration occurs, it’s usually a sign that our priorities are out of order.

The pivotal moment of change came for us when we identified God’s priorities and decided to live by them. To our surprise, it changed our marriage, and changed our life! Now, we find great joy inspiring others to embrace a lifestyle of living within the priorities of God.


To embrace this lifestyle, it would be beneficial to have a complete understanding as to why God’s priorities are in their respective order. Therefore, our subscribers (those who subscribe to receive regular updates, tips and promotions by email) will receive our eBook; Embracing God’s Priorities, as a welcome gift!


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Andre and Timberley Gray

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