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Who would've known that during a time of hardship, The Game Ledger would be created and is now available on amazon? If you haven't read the making of the Game Ledger, check it out and order The Game Ledger Here. You can now record every victory and every defeat in one place!

February 13

7 Days of Deeper Intimacy

  Are you feeling disconnected from God, or possibly your spouse? Many times the sense of being disconnected stems from our lack of closeness. When we draw closer to: God, our spouse, our children, or friends, we narrow the gap […]
February 7

Do You Look For Teachable Moments?

  Raising kids in today’s society is anything but easy. As parents, we are competing for our children’s time with their: cell phones, iPad, video games, and friends. Most families have hectic schedules between: school, sports, work, church obligations, etc. […]
January 30

Needs Versus Wants

  Does your family keep a running needs and wants list? What for? When we were in the real estate and mortgage business, and the market crashed, so did our finances. We lost all we had, and it prompted us […]
January 25

Does God Hear Unspoken Prayers?

  Have you said a prayer to yourself hoping that God would hear you? You know, the kind of prayer you never utter out loud, but secretly hoped God would hear? Over six years ago, when we were coming out […]
January 17

When Trusting Is Difficult

  Do you find yourself in a place where you don’t trust people, you don’t trust your spouse or more importantly you don’t trust God? Trust is a very sacred, and often times it’s broken. However, it can lead to […]
January 13

Three Ways We Prepare For A Successful New Year

  It’s a New Year and what a great time to reflect, and evaluate how we position ourselves to reach our goals. Last week, we shared three things that we’re NOT going to do this year. In this blog, we […]
January 4
Instead of resolutions we're making a list of what we're not going to do!

Our 2016 Un-Resolutions

Happy New Year! While everyone is focused on setting new goals, new resolutions, and discovering their dreams for 2016, we’ve decided to identify three things we’re NOT going to do! Please don’t misunderstand, setting new goals, and identifying your purpose […]
December 28

Who Could Use An Extra $1300?

  What if there was a savings plan to save an extra $1300 in 52 weeks?  Especially, if one of your goals for the New Year includes paying off debt from Christmas. No judgement here!  We’re just stating the obvious of […]
December 13
2016 Game Ledger Giveaway

The Game Ledger Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now over. Congratulations to our winners! If you haven’t guessed by now, we are a family that loves to give! We are reminded of what Jesus said in Acts 20:35 …”It is more blessed to give than […]
November 30

Be Present

    Lately have you found yourself caught up in making a living that you’ve neglected to make a life? A life with: family and friends, a life for yourself, a life of care and regard towards others? Many of […]

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