February 3
Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers, nor is it single's awareness day. It's a day to celebrate the LOVES of our life!

Valentine’s Day

  Do you celebrate the love or the loves of your life? Many people think Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Single’s refer to it as singles awareness day. However, the truth is, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love […]
January 19
So you’ve used your emergency fund, now what do you do? Rebuild-and if you’re not sure how in this blog we share what and what not to do.

Rebuilding Your Emergency Fund

  So you’ve used your emergency fund, now what do you do? Tis the season to review your finances, to go over your budget and come up with a new saving’s plan for the New Year. When reviewing your financial […]
January 13
Before you wrote your goals did you take a moment to reflect on what’s already been accomplished?

The Importance Of Reflection

Before you wrote your goals did you take a moment to reflect on what’s already been accomplished? At the beginning of every year we are quick to make new resolutions and anxious to forget the last year, looking forward to […]
January 6
Do you have a dream? Having big dreams aren’t enough. Dreams require us to have measureable goals, and daily activities. Daily activities will help us reach measureable goals and those goals will help us achieve our dreams.

So You’ve Written Your Goals Now What?

  “Write the vision and make it plain,” many quote it, some actually write it, but then what? When it comes to goal setting or writing visions for our future, there are many people who quote this scripture, Habakkuk 2:2 […]
December 29
We don't have to wait until the New Year to start over. God's mercies are new every morning.

Don’t Wait Until New Years For A New Start

  I can’t wait until this year is over to get ready for a new start. Sound familiar? Every year when Jan 1st comes around most people look at it as a new start. The truth is, every morning God’s […]
December 15
As a parent if you ever said Christmas is for kids, we want to encourage you to change your perspective.

Why Exchanging Gifts As Parents Is Important At Christmas

  Christmas is for kids! Well isn’t that a lie! Yes, we said it! For all of you parents who say; “We don’t need to get each other anything, Christmas is for kids.” We want to encourage you to change […]
December 10
Don't underestimate meeting a need as a gift.

The Perfect Gift That’s Right In Front Of You

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we overlook because we’re too busy looking for the perfect gift; instead of looking at the person in front of us. In a previous blog, we shared two principles we follow when gift-giving. […]
December 2
If our gift doesn’t cause someone to thank God, then we didn’t do our part in the gift giving department.

2 Principles We Follow When Giving Gifts

  Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? For some, gift giving can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Too many times we find ourselves giving a gift because someone gives us one, making us feel obligated; […]
November 19
Be intentional in your gathering with friends and family.

The Importance Of The Gathering

Families gathering at the table to give thanks to God, and enjoy a meal has been replaced with a quick bite to eat on the way out, on a t.v. tray in front of the t.v., in front of a […]
November 12
When we live a life a gratefulness it creates a spirit of thanksgiving.

How To Find Gratitude In The Daily Hustle!

I’m thankful for this meal, but it could have used a little more seasoning. I love my job, however, the people I work with get on my nerves. I’m not complaining; just saying. Really? That sounds like complaining to us. […]

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