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Who would've known that during a time of hardship, The Game Ledger would be created and is now available on amazon? If you haven't read the making of the Game Ledger, check it out and order The Game Ledger Here. You can now record every victory and every defeat in one place!

July 18

Is It Possible To Serve In Ministry Without Neglecting Your Family?

  Is it possible to serve in ministry without neglecting your family? This may sound like a ridiculous question, but one worth answering. We recently watched a new series on Spike TV called: Life or Debt. This series shows how […]
July 8

America: Are We The Land Of The Free Or The Great Divide?

  Together we stand, divided we fall. It’s that simple! Everywhere we turn the gap between us widens. From the have’s to have not’s, from the godly to the ungodly, from the left wing to the right wing, from race […]
July 1
Has your freedom to live your life, the way you want, cost you anything? Even if you've made poor decisions, you have the power to change that.

Has Your Freedom To Live Your Life Cost You Anything?

  Has your freedom to live your life, the way you want, cost you anything? Growing up, we learned in History class that our freedom was not free. It cost the lives of thousands to have the liberties we do […]
June 23

What If I Seriously Can’t Afford To Tithe?

  How can I tithe when I can barely pay my bills? This question is real. And today, I want to talk to the one who doesn’t have any income, or the one who doesn’t make enough money to pay […]
April 16

5 Reasons You Need A Budget, Even If You Have No Income

  Last week, we struck a chord with encouraging others to re-assess their goals after the quarter of the New Year. To our surprise, we found out that some hadn’t bothered re-assessing their budget goals because they didn’t feel the […]
April 1

Political Candidates: Great Examples To Our Children

  What we see today in the political arena is a far cry from the example we would want for any of our children. However, what others view as a problem, we see opportunity. With all the name calling, lying, […]
March 26
What if we were measured by our failure instead of our success? Will that make us comfortable with failing?

What If We Were Measured By Our Failure Instead Of Our Success?

  What if we were measured by our failure instead of our success? Would that make us more comfortable with failing? We didn’t give that any thought until we were asked to share a recent failure. Thinking About Our Failures […]
March 18

4 Sure Ways To Avoid Overcommitting

  They say behind every good man is a strong woman. But I say behind every successful woman is prayer and a planner! I’m often asked how is that I manage to get everything done without losing my mind or […]
March 11

10 Bible Verses To Pray Over Your Children

  “You guys look like the perfect couple with the perfect family!” So we’ve been told. Oh how we wish that were true; but like every family, we have our flaws! We are not perfect by any means, and neither […]
March 4

How Quick Are You To Extend Grace?

  Do unto others as you want done unto you. Seriously, how many times do we demand something of others that we are not willing to do ourselves? It’s really easy to sit back and point out what others are […]

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