Love Game Nights With Friends And Family?

Who would've known that during a time of hardship, The Game Ledger would be created and is now available on amazon? If you haven't read the making of the Game Ledger, check it out and order The Game Ledger Here. You can now record every victory and every defeat in one place!

September 29

Temptation Is It For Our Good?

If you’re fighting temptation of any kind, let today be the day that you stop fighting it! Why? Because we’re going to help you change your perspective on temptation. Many of us view temptation as a bad thing. We’re tempted […]
September 23

5 Scriptures To Start With In Your War Room

  Where do you meet God and where does He expect to find you? If you were inspired to create a war room or war room space after reading our blog; Why You Need A War Room, then get ready. […]
September 17
Why You Need A War Room And How To Create One

Why You Need A War Room

  Every trial we face is fought on the battlefield of prayer. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting for your health, your relationships, or walking through financial hardship. The truth is, every victory or defeat is fought in the spirit; […]
September 9
In 3 simple steps you can change people's perception about you ALWAYS being late. Just by following #1 alone will make a difference.

Stop Running Late By Following These 3 Steps

  If you stay ready, you will never have to get ready! While that is true, it’s probably the most difficult to live by. With the kids back in school, and the fall holiday season around the corner, this makes […]
September 2

Are You Ready To Stop The Love Affair With Distractions?

  Have you ever thought to yourself; I would never cheat on my significant other, on a diet, or better yet on God? The truth is, we ALL do it, when we decide to allow our distractions to keep us […]
August 25

Does Your Home Say Welcome Or Don’t Touch?

  First, it was video games keeping our kid’s hostage from playing outside. Now it’s Pokémon Go that’s got our kids on the run non-stop. The truth is there will always be something that will demand our children’s attention. However, […]
August 20

How Couponing Balanced Our Budget

  Do you have time to coupon? Let me re-phrase the question, do you have time to save money? The last few weeks we have been writing about living below your means. We’ve shared several ways to cut your expenses, […]
August 5

How To Plan Dinner For One Month Without Repeating A Meal!

  Do you feel like you make the same dishes all the time? I mean, if spaghetti is your go to meal and on the menu every week, then this blog is for you. Last week, I gave you tips […]
July 31

4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Live Below Your Means

  Living with simplicity is trending today. We all want it, many need it, but few do it. Over the last two weeks, we’ve been writing about pursuing your passion, in a balanced manner that allows you to still provide […]
July 24

How To Pursue Your Passion And Still Provide For Your Family

  Do you have an idea, or a passion that you know will be a great blessing to others; but may not result in a big payday? Yet, knowing this, you still want to pursue this passion? Today’s blog was […]

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