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Who would've known that during a time of hardship, The Game Ledger would be created and is now available on amazon? If you haven't read the making of the Game Ledger, check it out and order The Game Ledger Here. You can now record every victory and every defeat in one place!

September 12

Inheritance More Than Money

Providing income can be stressful in today’s economy, whether you are the sole bread winner in your home or a single parent trying to make ends meet. While most of us know that God is our provider, we still find […]
September 11

Where Do I Fit?

Have you ever wondered, “where’s my place within the body of Christ?” As we began to get our priorities in order, and decided to find our place in ministry, we became puzzled with where to serve. We found ourselves serving […]
September 10

They’re Not Mine

Raising kids is no small task. Especially when you realize they’re not yours, because they belong to God! Parenting takes on a whole new meaning when we eternalized our children belong to Him. There are many couples who are unable […]
September 9


The best vitamin for a Christian is: B1. Do people in your life know you are a Christian because you tell them, or because you act like one? Being saved is just the beginning of our walk with Christ. Once […]
August 5

Ruby in the Rough

*This post has been updated on 7/12/2016 with current statistics. I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…do you remember that song back in the day? Girl power, yes women can do it all! Even women […]
August 4

From Journal to Blog

Diaries are for girls; journals are for boys! Well maybe not. We do journal and find it liberating to express ourselves freely, with no reservation, crying our hearts out to God, and anyone else who wants to read it. Journaling […]

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