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Who would've known that during a time of hardship, The Game Ledger would be created and is now available on amazon? If you haven't read the making of the Game Ledger, check it out and order The Game Ledger Here. You can now record every victory and every defeat in one place!

April 13

Doing Right

Do the right thing and the right thing will happen! I learned that many years ago from my mentor and spiritual father Ed Conover. In times of hardship it was tempting to find ways to be creative with money, or […]
April 5

You Matter

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I’m not sorry for what I said. Sound familiar? Most relationships that experience arguments, misunderstandings, or disagreements, typically start out small. Then somehow, they turn into huge arguments because often times we […]
March 27

We’re Going Anyway

Who doesn’t look forward to family vacations? In seasons where money wasn’t an issue, we would take nice long trips with hotel stays and amusement parks. Then when money was tight, we didn’t stop going on vacations, we just took […]
March 15

Weekend For Two

How many would like to receive a two night stay in a hotel that includes breakfast, dinner, and a massage for 2? We would, in fact, we did and what happened when we checked in was…let’s just say embarrassing! For […]
March 9

Learning To Ask

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, but in reality, not too many of us want to admit when we need something. For a long time, we would rather pray for a miracle then to ask someone for help. We would […]
March 2


Have you stood in a room with over a 100 people and still felt alone? Ever wondered why on earth, we were created to walk this journey of life? With all the turmoil in this world, why are we even […]
February 1

Finding Abundance In Lack

Only if I had a lot of money, I would give more to the poor, give more to my church, or anyone in need. If I had more money, I would spend more time with my kids, buy a larger […]
January 26

Man Up!

It is time for men of God to take back their families, their church, and their community! There was a time when men, and our country were held to a standard of principles based on God’s Word. Unfortunately, today, that […]
January 19

What’s Your Family Confession?

When faced with challenges church jargon doesn’t sound so comforting. We’ve all heard: you have what you say, what’s your confession, don’t confess that over yourself, etc. Well, confession took on a whole new meaning for us when we found […]
January 17

Embracing God’s Priorities Now In Three Formats!

Living within the priorities of God became a lifestyle for us when we were faced with life-changing challenges. When we embraced living within the priorities of God it not only changed our marriage, it changed our life! (As you will […]

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