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June 20
We are often asked how do we find the time to do all that God has called us to do without neglecting our priorities. The answer is in this blog!

5 Ways To Make Time For Your Priorities

  We have been asked many times; how do we keep up with our home; serving in our church; working, raising a family, and time for each other? WOW just that sentence alone is a lot. By the grace of […]
June 15
We all do it…fake the funk; at work, around friends, around family even at church. We all put on a front that everything is ok when, in reality, it’s not! Can others tell, is this right or wrong? Find out now!

Faking The Funk

;   We all do it…fake the funk; at work, around friends, around family even at church. We all put on a front that everything is ok when, in reality, it’s not! If we’re going to keep it real, most […]
June 7
We don’t doubt that God can use people, we doubt if God can use us! It comes down to this... the question isn’t: Can God use me? The question is: Am I ready to be used by Him?

Can I Be Used By God?

  Have you asked yourself; can I be used by God? If you have, you’re not alone. The truth is, we usually don’t doubt that God can use people; we just doubt if God can use us! As we watched […]
May 31
Is life really just about earning a living and paying bills? Seriously, what good is there in being a good steward of our money if aren’t doing anything for our marriage or family?

Living To Pay Bills

  How do we stop living to pay bills? This is a question we asked ourselves several years ago. We went from making more than enough to barely getting by. And it was in that very moment, we earnestly sought […]
May 25
We once asked a couple what their secret in marriage was and they told us learning to be together in our separateness.

Together In Our Separateness

  It’s ironic how we get tired of being single, longing for that special relationship. Then we get married and before we know it, we find ourselves fighting for alone time. Early on in our marriage when things weren’t going […]
May 17

Family Time On A Dime

We never have any money to do anything. Does that sound familiar? We took that out of our vocabulary a few years ago. It’s true that you will definitely have what you say, so if you keep saying it, you […]
May 10

Worry Is A Choice

Finding yourself stressed about: money, relationships, work, traffic, or even your health? Could you imagine life without worry? Well, you should because worrying is a choice, and you can decide not to let the cares of this world effect you […]
May 2

Doubtful Prayers

Have you ever prayed with doubt for the very thing you were praying for? We will be the first to admit we have. Actually more times than we can count. Prioritizing God, our marriage and our family was always important […]
April 26

Choosing To Love

Why do I always have to be the one to always apologize and be the bigger person? I think I said that way too many times, until my mentor corrected me and said it’s not about being the bigger person; […]
April 18

Moving Ahead of God

I was always known to be the type of woman who gets things done. There was no hurdle I couldn’t jump over. You know what they say about women who can make a dollar out of fifteen cents? Well, that […]

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