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September 13
When times of challenges arise do you seek God and wait on His leading? Or do you respond in haste?

When Standing Isn’t Easy

  “After having done all to do to stand, stand.” We love that quote, and it wasn’t until we faced trial, after trial, after trial, where that verse came alive for us. That quote comes from the verse from Ephesians […]
September 6

Is Your Son Prepared For The Other Woman?

  “We are raising a generation of boys who have a better relationship with their video games, iPods, televisions, and computers than they have with their families.” ~ Sheri Rose Shepherd This statement is not only true but has contributed […]
August 29
When was the last time you wrote a love note?

Love Notes

  When was the last time you wrote a love note? In our modern-day society written notes have become a thing of the past. Text message has replaced phone calls. Emails have replaced written letters, and social media has become […]
August 22
Every family should have a culture, something they are known for. How does your family roll?

This Is How We Roll!

  Branding has become a marketing trend. It’s often referred to as developing a culture within a company. But had you ever considered branding or creating a culture in your home-something your family is known for? As a family, we’ve […]
August 17
You can either be a product of your past or you can break the mold to do and be better. Which one are you?

Double For Our Trouble

  It’s been said we are affected by our up-bringing in one of two ways. We will either follow the footsteps of our parents and say; this is how I was raised and this is the way I am. Or, […]
August 9
If you've ever said this is the best I can do, you need to read this!

What Is Your Best?

  I’m doing my best; I’m doing the best I can; this is the best I can do. Have you made any of those statements before? If you have you’re not alone. But is it really your best? When things […]
August 1
We are often asked how we started over; and the answer is simply we focused on the small beginnings.

Starting Over

  We are often asked: how we started over? The answer is simple; we focused on the small beginnings. Starting over for us was a new beginning that demanded acknowledging small victories. On the Oxygen channel, we watched a new […]
July 27
All that happens to you is not always about you.

Helping Others

    I need to help myself before I can help others. Have you said that before? Yes, it’s true we need to put our oxygen mask on before we help others. It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself. […]
July 18
You’ve never really lived until you’ve lost everything and find joy in starting over. This is when we learned that material things do not define us; our character does.

When Less Became More

  You’ve never really lived until you’ve lost everything and find joy in starting over. That was us over 8 years ago and looking back those were the best moments of our life! During that time, we had a 72% […]
July 12
Give and it shall be given, or is there more to it?

What Some Pastors Won’t Tell You About Tithing!

  Give and it shall be given unto you; we have all heard that spoken in church before. People give, quote a confession and then expectantly wait on God to show up. My husband and I have always been givers. […]

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