Why You Need A War Room

Why You Need A War Room And How To Create One

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Every trial we face is fought on the battlefield of prayer. Where do you fight your spiritual battles?
Every trial we face is fought on the battlefield of prayer. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting for your health, your relationships, or walking through financial hardship. The truth is, every victory or defeat, is fought in the spirit; before it manifest itself in the natural.

What Does God Say About A Room?

Philippians 4:6 (NKJV) tells us; Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

So that means anything we are faced with, we can go to God in prayer. Yes, you can pray anywhere, and you should. But there is something about going to a place where you are alone just you and God with no distractions. A place that allows you to speak to God; where it’s quiet enough to hear Him speak to you.

I know as a mother, I don’t have the time to go to the bathroom in peace. Let alone pray or read the Bible in peace. However, when I saw the movie; The War Room, my heart was compelled to find a place where I can get real with God!

I have to admit, when I came home, I had every excuse in the book. I don’t have the space. My closet is too small and I use it for something else. I can’t use my room. There’s no privacy, no matter where I go in the house.

Then one day I was reading my Bible, and turned to Matthew 6:6 (NKJV) says; But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

My War Room Conviction 

WOW! You talk about feeling convicted. I realized just then that I needed to remove my excuses. This is ironic considering I serve as a Pastor, and designate prayer and study times. However, like many, I get easily distracted. The phone rings. Or, I could be walking in my family room praying; and notice the coffee table needs dusting.

Even something as innocent as having worship music playing in the background while I pray and read was distracting me. I would get caught up in the song, and forget what I was praying about. Can you relate?

So that was it! I decided one evening to clean out a small space in my closet under my staircase. This space was so small, I couldn’t even stand up. So I had to get a bath rug and pillow to sit on the floor.

There was no light; so I used LED battery operated lights. There was no circulation; I bought small battery operated fans. In addition, I bought a drape on clearance to separate my space from my office supplies.

Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One

As you can see I used a simple cork board and white board to hang up my prayer requests. I even included a clip board to keep track of all my answered prayers. That way I can remind myself of the good things that the Lord has done.

This was up for only a week. Then, one day I went to pray and saw that Andre had set up a space for him in the corner of my war room! Say What? That meant, when he saw the power of going to a place to commune with God with no distractions, it encouraged him to join me.


Am I Confined To A Room?

Don’t let the word “place” in Matthew 6 confine you to a “room.” For those who may not have a closet don’t let that hinder you from creating a secret place of intimacy between you and God.
I have friends and family who have set up war room “spots” in their rooms. Even a small corner between the bed and the wall works just fine too!

Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One

Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One

Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One


Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One


To take this a step further, our daughter wanted to create a war room, but she wanted to keep her prayers private. So we created a war room “binder.” This is just a journal that sits on her night stand, in which every morning she opens it up and prays. She even has a section in the back where she keeps her answered prayers.


Why You Need A War Room And What You Need To Create One
What You Need

There are only a few things you need to create the perfect War Room or Space!

A small space or room that is free from distractions

I want my time to be uninterrupted.  Therefore, I do not take my cell phone in my war room or any worship music. When I go to my secret place before God, I am giving Him my undivided attention.


I keep one of our extra Bibles in my war room, just in case I feel led to read scripture, or God puts something on my heart.

Index Cards / Sticky Notes

I use these to write encouraging words, or scriptures I’m standing on.


When we sit in a place to talk to God and hear from Him, He will give us things to ponder in our hearts. And what better place to keep these things, than in a journal!


Rug, Chair or Pillow

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, when you kneel down before your Father, He sees your heart! So whatever you need to make yourself comfortable to kneel before the Father, will do the job!

Cork Board or White Board

I tend to put long term prayer requests on a cork board and short term prayer requests on the white board.

Prayers answered quickly, and moved to the answer payer board, are short term prayers. (I.E. praying for our daughter to do well on her math test)

Diffuser (Essential Oils)/ Air Freshener

You may be wondering why I use this, but the fresh aroma creates a calming atmosphere.

Nine times out of ten, when I go to my war room, I am coming to lay my burdens down. So when I enter and smell the scent of lavender, it instantly calms my heart and mind as I kneel before the Father.

Caution: As much as I love candles, I don’t use any in my war room, since I’m in a small closet. I don’t want to leave it lit, or knock it over.

A diffuser or air fresher is a safe alternative for those who may not have the open space to safely use candles.

Other Items

And don’t forget miscellaneous items such as tissue, pens, highlighters, etc.! Keep in mind these are just suggestions you don’t need them all.


In The End

My War Room is not a place where I go to tell God what I need. It’s a place I go where He invites me to sit in His presence with no distractions.

My War Room is a place where I surrender my heart and I stand in the gap for others. Then I find the strength to walk outside my War Room armed and ready for battle until the next day.

Where do you meet God?

It can be in a room, a closet, or a corner of your bedroom. The location doesn’t really matter. The point is, prioritize private prayer. Where do you meet God and where does He expect to find you?

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~ Timberley Gray


  1. Heather Greene says:

    Great post! Very encouraging! After the movie it did seem a little daunting to set up a war “room”, but you made it seem more doable 🙂

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Thank You Heather! I would love to see a picture of your war spot when you set it up. I promise you, identifying a place to meet God daily will take your prayers to a whole new level!
      Send me a picture at info@livingourpriorities.com ~ Blessings

  2. Candance says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. Creating my own war room seems more attainable now.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Praise God Candance! That is awesome to hear. Send us some pictures when you do we would love to see your space!

  3. Ron says:

    Pastor, great artical . I need a reminder!

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Thank you Ron! We all need those reminders at time, here’s to a new year of increasing our prayer life.

  4. Sarah says:

    Great ideas! I need to figure out where I want to make my War Room.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful ideas and love the photos of your war room.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Saw the link to your blog on Pinterest, the post has inspired me to work on a project with my young women’s Sunday school class. We will study prayer, spiritual warfare and then create individualized “portable” war rooms that can be with them anywhere they go as my students are mostly college students. Thank you for the inspiring post! I will pray for your ministry and the work you are doing to build the kingdom of God

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Thank you so much Yvonne. What a wonderful opportunity you have to inspire those young ladies. May God continue to give you the wisdom to lead them and help guide them in their walk with God. ~ Blessings

  7. Lyndy says:

    Can I use some of this article for a women’s event at my church. We will be watching the War Room and then giving out suggestions on how to start yourself. You have such great, do-able ideas.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Hi Lyndy thank you for reading this post. We received your request and just responded by email. Please check your email. ~ Blessings

  8. Glenyce England says:

    Even though I have a small house, I still wanted a place that would block out all distractions. So I went to Privacy Pop on the internet and bought a bed tent for my bed. I’m gonna use this as my War Room. I’m gonna tape up prayer requests on the inside of the bed tent. And since I have a difficult time sleeping at night, I know it will serve in helping me get a good night’s sleep……and the sleep will be even sweeter with a deep prayer life. I can hardly wait to receive it through the mail, especially since there were so many excellent reviews of the bed tent on that website.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      WOW Glencye, that is amazing! Just reading your comment gave me chills. I would love for you to send a picture to us so we can see what that looks like. If you want to of course, you can email it to us at info@livingourpriorities.com We trust these intimate prayer time is going to bless you beyond measure. ~ Blessings

  9. Leslie says:

    Loved this and I loved your tiny war room! Thank you for sharing and for the verses!

  10. Tenesha says:

    I love this! The idea of creating my own war room has been weighing heavily on my heart lately. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Hi Tenesha, I’m so glad this post inspired you. Once I created my space I was absolutely in love with it! It is has become my safe haven even in the middle of the day when I feel like I need to be in God’s Presence alone. When you create your space I would love to see a picture you can email it to me at: info@livingourpriorities.com ~ Blessings

  11. Debbie Putman says:

    These are great suggestions. Like your daughter, I prefer a journal for my “war room.” But still, I need the place and quiet, just God and me.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Oh Debbie I hear you on that. Our daughter is very private but she does enjoy personal time with God so I totally get you. Find a pretty journal and a special place to hang out with God and it’s all the same. He doesn’t care where or how we do it, He just wants His time with us. ~ Blessings

  12. Aimee Imbeau says:

    Such a great post! Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth. I’ll be sharing on social media!

  13. Julie says:

    Thank you for this! My wheels are spinning, I will have to think about where I could do this. Not sure my 3 year old will leave me alone long enough to even be still and quiet with God.
    Visiting from #Salt&Light

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Hi Julie! I’m glad this encouraged you to get those wheels spinning. I am sure you will find the perfect place to meet your Heavenly Father, and don’t be surprised if your 3 year old finds your spot! ~ Blessings

  14. Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m just like you – always distracted by anything and everything especially during prayer and devotional times. This idea is just brilliant and I like your suggestion of using a small corner of the room. It has definitely inspired me.

  15. Kimberly B says:

    You have given me a great motivation to set up a “war spot” in the corner of my bedroom. Thank you.

  16. dawn says:

    I live in a small place so I’m going to have to get really creative, but after reading your words, I really want to create my own War Room. I love your practical advice on how to do it. Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this post tomorrow. http://www.dawnklinge.com

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Hi Dawn! So glad you feel the nudging to create a space for you and God, and thank you so much for reading.I am truly humbled and honored to be featured with Grace and Truth! Can’t wait to check it out. ~ Blessings

  17. Anonymous says:

    Yes, yes and yes! I am featuring a post like this at my blog this week. I couldn’t agree with you more! If we accomplish nothing this year but getting this space and a solid prayer habit down it is the most important thing ever! Especially for this year. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      That is awesome! And you are so right, if we don’t do anything this year but purpose to go before the Father we would have accomplished great things! Thank you for stopping by to read. ~ Blesssings

  18. Sherry says:

    Oh, the comment above was by Sherry @ The Charm of Home. I didn’t mean to make it anon.

  19. Teresa says:

    Loved this article! We just had our annual ladies event. Our speaker was Marie Armenia. http://www.mariearmenia.blogspot.com Her mother, Molly Bruno, was the role model for the character Miss Clara in the movie War Room. The theme of our event was LEGACY. The first session Marie shared about her mother. It was powerful. The second session even more so. If you can have her at your church do so. You too would be blessed. Her husband, Phil, comes with her. She and Phil sing together. He is a fabulous pianist and former pastor. They now reside near Nashville.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Hi Teresa! What a blessing to have her speak at your event, especially on the topic of LEGACY. I’m sure it touched every woman who was present.Thank you for stopping by to read and share that information with us. ~ Blessings

  20. Shagay says:

    I started working on my War Room yesterday, I cleared out a closet and bagged clothes for donations. I should be done by Friday. I’m excited to get this completed and have my personal space for God and I.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      That is awesome, and how exciting to create this special place for you and God! Thank you for sharing. ~ Blessings

  21. KellyRBaker says:

    Love what you did with your space! I have more of a war room spot, as you mentioned. Now I just need to add the place to list prayer requests. 🙂

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      HI Kelly thanks for stopping by! Yes a prayer request list and an answered prayer request list, it’s so good to look over pages and pages of prayers the Lord answered!

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