You Are NOT Your Diagnosis!

Introducing: The Medical Binder Worksheets! 


The Medical Binder Living Our Priorities

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Do you Find Your Medical Diagnosis Overwhelming?

Walking through a medical diagnosis can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. 

We can walk through trials in this life with perfect peace when we walk with Jesus and implement organization.  

And today we want to help you organize your medical history! 

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In An Emergency Can You Remember...

Family History

Knowing your family medical history helps doctors determine what to look for.


Knowing current medications dosage and frequency is critical to you or your loved one's care.


Disclosing known allergies could save you or your loved one's life.

Why The Medical Binder?

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Waiting On Healing Manifestation!

Healing is a process! This became a revelation to us as we’ve walked through various health challenges over the years. While seeking God’s face for answers, and wisdom in our health journey, we became fully convinced that healing is ours, whether it’s on this side of Heaven or in Heaven. 

Therefore, we decided long ago, that we will not lose hope or grow weary. Instead, we’ll wait for the complete manifestation of healing with patience and composure. Because that’s what we do when we’re in Christ. We do all things decently and in order, including how we handle our medical care. 

This can be difficult for some when everything is in chaos and disarray. That’s why we created the Medical Binder Worksheets; to help keep your medical history in order while keeping our peace as we wait on our healing.

But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure.”
~ Romans 8:25 (AMPC)

This is a digital product (PDF) for instant 

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Myths We Tell Ourselves

#1 I will remember

Some think I don’t need to keep records I will remember.”  While that sounds good, the truth is when we’re not feeling well or under stress in an emergency situation, we may not think as clearly. 

#2 They have my information

With technology today we tend to get lazy about keeping records. We assume that their computer should have my history. However, we’ve all lived long enough to know that technology is great but it does fail. 

#3 i can always call mom

Too many of us count on mom to know everything and be available every waking moment. But what happens when mom isn’t well, or isn’t around? Banking on calling mom will not work every time.  

#4 nothing WILL happen to me

Some believers are under the impression because they’re a Christian, nothing will happen to them. Then when “life” happens, they’re not ready. Unfortunately, that’s the complete opposite of what the Bible tells us. (Read James 1:2)

The Medical Binder Worksheets

 Designed to bring peace and order to your medical information!

This is a digital product (PDF) for instant 

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Worksheet Details

The Medical Binder Worksheets can be printed and completed by hand or the majority of the worksheets are editable online for your convenience.

binder cover

The Medical Binder Worksheets begin with an editable binder cover that allows you to handwrite or type your name.

patient information

This section contains the following worksheets: Patient Information, Medical History, Medication List, Vitamins & Supplements List. All of these worksheets can be handwritten or typed. 

important information

This section contains the following worksheets: Insurance Information, Physician Information, Medical Password Log. All of these worksheets can be handwritten or typed.  

coNversation logs

This section contains two Conversation Log worksheets to help keep record of conversations with medical personnel. These worksheet can be completed by hand or typed. 

symptom trackers

This Section includes 6 Symptom Tracker Worksheets:  Mood & Pain, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Migraine, Food Sensitivity, and a Blank tracker to customize as needed. These worksheets are editable with the exception of 2  that are intended to be completed by hand. 

8 section covers

The Medical Binder Worksheets are organized in 8 sections. In which all 8 divider section covers are included; Patient Information, Important Information, Medical Directive, Conversation Logs, Symptom Trackers, Appointment Summaries, Lab Results, and Test Results.

Bonus With Purchase!

Pet Medical Binder Worksheets, Medical Information Cards and Video Tutorial to help you set-up your binder.

Retail Value $24.90 but yours FREE with the purchase of the Medical Worksheets Binder. 

Pet Medical Binder Worksheets Include: Pet Information, Medical History, Dietary Needs & Restrictions, Medication List, Vitamin & Supplement List, Insurance Information, Veterinarian Information, Pet Medical Password Log, & Symptom Tracker, Binder Cover and 5 Section Covers

Keep important medical information accessible with these Medical Information Cards. We intentionally used a red medical symbol to make identifying your medical information quickly for first responders. In addition, upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to access the Medical Binder Video tutorial.  

This is a digital product (PDF) for instant 

download after purchase!

What Others Are Saying...

Medical Binder Worksheets #medicalbinder #livingourpriorities

Lisa K. (RN)

"The Medical Binder Worksheets are simple to use but is a superior system. The worksheets contain information that keeps you organized and is also full of the pertinent data that healthcare practitioners want you to know and share among healthcare providers."

Shonte S. (RN)

"The Medical Binder Worksheets are such a great tool for organizing our health and medical information. I love how I now have everything at my fingertips; We usually don't realize how unorganized we are, until we are in a time of crisis or medical emergency. I'm really looking forward to sending my son off to college with his Medical Binder, knowing that he will have all of his necessary information organized and in one place."

Medical Binder Worksheets #medicalbinder #livingourpriorities
Medical Binder Worksheets #medicalbinder #livingourpriorities

Ladonna H.

"The Medical Binder Worksheets offers everything I need to keep my family’s medical information in one place and organized. As a busy mom and wife who runs a business, I need the best and quickest way to have any and all medical information at my finger tips. I can't believe everything that's packed into this amazing binder...the Symptom Tracker category is my favorite!"

Andre & Timberley Gray!

Just by looking at us, you may see a healthy couple. Our hope is that you do, and that is ONLY by the grace of God. 

Without us telling you, you wouldn’t know that Timberley was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Adrenal Insufficiency, while Andre was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. 

Noticed we said, diagnosed, as opposed to saying we have. That’s because we believe the way we talk about our health  plays an integral role to our health journey.

Therefore, we purpose to watch how we communicate the diagnosis. We acknowledge them, and place them in God’s hands. 

We also believe, it’s our responsibility to do our part in the natural, so we can walk in perfect peace while we wait on the manifestation of healing. 

That’s why we’ve integrated a plant-based diet, and other natural remedies in our medical care, including how we organize our medical information. 

This couldn’t have become more apparent than during our most recent experience with Covid when Timberley passed out in the middle of the night. 

If it wasn’t for having our medical information organized in manner that was accessible to everyone in the house, our daughter wouldn’t have been able to respond so quickly giving life-saving information to the first responders. 

So as you can see, this is personal to us. And our prayer is that the Medical Binder Worksheets will help bring peace and order to every member of your family for such a time as this!

This is a digital product (PDF) for instant 

download after purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a physical binder?

No. The Medical Binder Worksheets are a digital product that’s delivered to your email inbox as a PDF file. In which, you can use in any binder of your choice. 

As a digital product, anytime we make revisions to the worksheets and / or bonuses,  you’ll automatically receive them by email. 

Do I need a Binder For each family member?

The Medical Binder Worksheets were designed to organize medical history for each person in your family. However, you can print additional worksheets per family member and keep them all in one binder. There’s no right or wrong way to set up your binder.

Your purchase of the medical binder worksheets include a personal use license that grants you permission to print the worksheets for each member of your family.

What is your refund policy?

The Medical Binder Worksheets are a digital product delivered as an instant download at the time of purchase. Therefore, we’re unable offer refunds on digital products.

However, if you experience a problem with your purchase, please contact us so we can make every effort to help you!  

We appreciate your understanding to our policy in advance. 

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