October 13
At some point we will face a disaster (natural or financial). The question is will you be prepared?

Are You Prepared For The Next Disaster?

Hurricane Matthew left millions scrambling for preparation. People were preparing for devastation, preparing for the unknown and preparing for the worst. Although we don’t live in a state with hurricanes and tornadoes, we did ask ourselves if we were prepared […]
August 25

Does Your Home Say Welcome Or Don’t Touch?

  First, it was video games keeping our kid’s hostage from playing outside. Now it’s Pokémon Go that’s got our kids on the run non-stop. The truth is there will always be something that will demand our children’s attention. However, […]
August 5

How To Plan Dinner For One Month Without Repeating A Meal!

  Do you feel like you make the same dishes all the time? I mean, if spaghetti is your go to meal and on the menu every week, then this blog is for you. Last week, I gave you tips […]
November 30

Be Present

    Lately have you found yourself caught up in making a living that you’ve neglected to make a life? A life with: family and friends, a life for yourself, a life of care and regard towards others? Many of […]

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