Is Your Son Prepared For The Other Woman?

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Is Your Son Prepared For The Other Woman? Will he be ready, better yet will you?


“We are raising a generation of boys who have a better relationship with their video games, iPods, televisions, and computers than they have with their families.” ~ Sheri Rose Shepherd

This statement is not only true but has contributed to some of our young men not growing up to be faithful men who love God and lead a family. We are seeing higher divorce rates within the church, and sexual immorality on the rise.

One day, I was walking through the Family Christian book store and passed a book that was being featured: “Preparing Him For The Other Woman.” Yes, like you, I was surprised and wanted to know what that was all about. When I picked up the book, I read the fine print on the front that says; a mother’s guide to raising her son to love a wife and lead a family. Now, that really got my attention!

I purchased the book and went straight home to start reading. To my surprise, it talked about while the father’s role is crucial in our son’s life, who better to influence our young sons to fight for family. And to be a faithful and loving husband than their God-fearing mother?

The Influence Of A Mother

If you think about successful athletes, or business men; many of them contribute their success to their mother, her influence and her prayers.

As I read this book, my heart was more, and more convicted. I realized that God gave me my son Brandon for a certain amount of time. During my available time, I needed to do my best to not only pray for him but be the positive influence on him in regard to family. So I began to practice some of the suggestions throughout the book and prayed many of the prayers.

One day, I asked Brandon (around 10 years old at the time) to get something off of my nightstand. He was taking a long time to get it, since what I needed was in plain sight. When he came back he handed me what I asked for, and then he just looked at me. When I asked him what that look was for, he said he noticed there was a book on my nightstand that was a guide to raising a son. So out of curiosity he picked it up and read some of the pages I highlighted. At that moment, I thought to myself: “oh no what did he read?”

But Brandon went on to tell me: “Mom you know the part about video games is true. And if Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived and wrote the book of Proverbs, then I should read Proverbs. If I read proverbs every day until I get married, could you imagine how wise I would be?”

As great as that sounded, he lived up to that for a good year or two. Then he started to explore other parts of the Bible! But the point here is that he understood the principle; to grow as a wise man, he needed to read the Bible.

As we talked about the book and what he read he then paused and said: “Mom, I think it’s cool that you would read a book like this just for me.” I cannot tell you how that made me feel as a mother, for my son to see the sincerity of my love for him. I told him his spiritual growth and training to be a loving husband and father was my priority.

That moment confirmed the significance of this resource the Holy Spirit led me to pick up in the store. I keep this book on hand to this day even though my son is now 20. It is my desire that no matter how old he gets, I will continue to pray over him and be that positive influence in his life.

Our sons and daughters will one day be wives, husband, mothers and fathers. And the success of their role all starts with our prayers and how we sow into them.

The busyness of life has a way of preventing us from what really matters. However, when we realize our children are with us but for a moment, then we will seize the opportunity to invest in them with the available time God has given us.


~ Timberley Gray


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