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Inheritance More Than Money

Providing income can be stressful in today’s economy, whether you are the sole bread winner in your home or a single parent trying to make ends meet.

While most of us know that God is our provider, we still find it challenging to provide in these times. Then we try to figure out how can “I” provide [1] for my family?

Before the real estate market cashed in 2007, my wife and I followed the book for financial planning to the tee. We had six months worth of expenses in the bank, retirement accounts, college funds, and life insurance. We thought we were prepared for anything. Until everything we had except life insurance was used to help us keep afloat.

Even with life insurance, there was still a place of feeling broke and destitute because since we were not dead, the life insurance had no value.

Please don’t misunderstand me, life insurance has value. Having life insurance in place in the event of your death shows care and regard for your loved ones, doing your part to secure their financial future. However, it was during that time I discovered the greatest inheritance (or legacy) I can leave my family is of moral stability. Funny enough, being broke causes you to read the Word of God differently.

“A good man leaves an inheritance (of moral stability and goodness) to his children’s children and the wealth of the sinner (finds its way eventually) into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.”~ Proverbs 13:22 (AMPC)

An inheritance is something like: property (i.e. real estate, property) possessions (money, jewelry) or legacy: (principles to live by, being a good role model & family memories).

So when we read “a good man (or woman) leaves an inheritance of moral stability, “ it means leaving a legacy of being able to distinguish between right and wrong and walking out what is honoring before God. As a result, you will set the example of a Godly man or woman (or parents) to your children and their children.

It’s natural to think, “I need to provide for my family, and I will do it by any means necessary,” but what we see in Proverbs 22:1 is that a good name is better than riches. Meaning, God cares more about how we provide than the provision itself.

When we focus on the eternal things of God – putting our efforts in leaving behind a legacy that shows good work ethic, showing up on time, doing all things unto God and not man, displaying good character [2] by keeping our word, being respectful – our children will not only see those behaviors, but God will reward our efforts.

This scripture came alive for us during the times that we had experience tragic loss with our material wealth. We learned to trust God at a deeper level, setting our eyes on Him, His ways, and instilling them in our children. As we became more concerned about our inheritance of moral stability rather than the possessions we could leave behind, we began to see the provision flow in ways we never imagined. Over the years God has restored our finances, blessed us with another home, all while keeping our eyes on Him and focusing on His moral stability rather than our human efforts.

As a father, I know first-hand a man’s need to provide for their families. When times got rough, it was my wake-up call that God is the ultimate provider for my family, and I am simply a vessel He is using.

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~ André Gray

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