October 6
Want to honor those in ministry? Here are 6 ministry appreciation gift ideas! #ministryappreciation #livingourpriorities

6 Ministry Appreciation Gift Ideas

There is no greater honor than to serve the Kingdom of God. However, with this great honor, comes great responsibility. It’s no wonder many of us get stuck when it comes to ministry appreciation gift ideas. If you serve in […]
September 29
Raising our daughters is no small feat today. But with God’s help and through prayer we can help lead our daughters on the right path. Learn how with 4 prayers for daughters.

4 Prayers For Our Daugthers

  Oh mothers, what a privilege we have to raise our daughters for God’s glory. Although raising them is no small feat today, it is possible through 4 prayers for our daughters. When our daughter turned 16 this year, it […]
September 9

Why We Started An Un-Answered Prayer List

  Prayer list, we all have them. Even prayers that don’t get answered, are still answered prayers! Say what? Yes. You read that right. Unanswered prayers are just not the answer we prayed for; or did we? Answered Prayer Wall A […]
July 20
Ministry burnout is common. And while serving in the ministry is a good thing, we often find ourselves growing weary. But are we really stretched too thin or are we just weary? Learn how to determine the root to your weariness.

Are You Growing Weary Serving In Ministry?

  Ministry burnout is a common complaint throughout the Body of Christ. Although serving in the ministry is a good thing, we often find ourselves stretched too thin and growing weary. But are we really stretched too thin, or are […]
June 29
How often do we go to work without considering the impact we can make? If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, there’s so much more to just going to work. Here are 5 ways to bring Jesus to work without speaking a word.

Do You Bring Jesus To Work?

How often do we go to work without considering the impact we can make? We simply go because we have to; to pay the bills and provide for our family. However, if you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, there’s so […]
June 23
To effectively lead in the different roles we serve as men, we need to make spending time with The Father a priority.

The Importance Of Men Spending Time With The Father

  Men bear the responsibility to guide, guard and govern their families. WOW! What a tremendous weight we carry as men. And it is those responsibilities alone, that can prevent us from spending time with our Heavenly Father. As much […]
June 17
I used to think being a man and my manhood were the same thing. However, as I got older, I realized there's so much more to being a man. There’s so much more to growing from a man to true manhood.

Growing From A Man To True Manhood

  When I was growing up, I was never taught how to be a man or knew what manhood looked like. Not What I Thought I thought that manhood was about taking care of oneself or your family. As long […]
June 9
Do you make your wife a priority? When I focus my efforts on these 5 ways my wife KNOWS she is MY PRIORITY.

5 Ways To Make Your Wife A Priority

  Someone once asked me what my priorities were. I said: making money, providing for my family, my kids, my wife, and then God. These are important priorities. However, they’re not in their proper order. And to be successful in […]
June 2
When we think of leaving a legacy, we think of leaving behind things of value. While that’s good, it just that…THINGS. A legacy is so much more than material things. It’s a legacy built on moral stability, and that’s leaving a legacy worth following.

Men, Are We Leaving A Legacy Worth Following?

  When we think of leaving a legacy for our family, we often think about leaving behind an inheritance of wealth, investments, property, jewelry, etc. This accumulation of wealth is left with the intent to give the family something to […]
May 25
Women love to talk but there is a danger in our girl talk. Read more to learn how to discern the difference between girl talk or gossip.

The Danger of Girl Talk

  It’s just girl talk. A typical statement girlfriends use when they get together. Unfortunately, women have been known to “gossip.” We even evangelicalize it (yes, I made that up). We say; well I’m telling you this so that you […]

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