Don’t Be Eve

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I’m every woman, it’s all in me…remember that song by Chaka Khan? Independent women are on the rise, while some men are sitting back letting women take over.

We are living in a time where children are being raised without fathers, and some men haven’t taken their rightful place in their homes. Are they to blame? Some may say yes, but I challenge the women to consider their part.

In Genesis 1:26, we read about God creating man in His own image.

In Genesis 2:7, we read about God creating man from dust.

In Genesis 2:16, we read of God giving man instructions not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Notice the word man was used in these three different verses. But do you know the difference of their meaning?

When looking at the Hebrew word for man in Genesis 1:26 the word is spelled: ā-ḏām. While the word origin stems from Adam, it is referring to mankind: men and women collectively or you can say human beings.

When looking at the Hebrew word for man in Genesis 2:7 the word is spelled:

hā-’ā-ḏām. This Hebrew word also comes from the word origin Adam. However, in this scripture the word origin Adam refers to man only, as opposed to women. Making a specific distinction in who God is talking to.

In Genesis 2:16 the same Hebrew word for man in Genesis 2:7, is used also here in verse 16. Which means God gave man (Adam), instructions not to eat the fruit of the tree, NOT Eve.

We all know the story that Eve ate the fruit and handed it to her husband. In modern terms, Adam followed Eve’s lead even though God told him not to.  Later on in Genesis 3 we read how God held each of them responsible for the role they played. Eve was punished for leading her husband astray. And Adam was punished for following her lead.

Eve isn’t the only woman in the Bible who enticed her husband or a man to do what she wanted that ended with consequences.

In Genesis 16, we read about Sarah and Hagar. In Genesis 19, we read about Lot’s wife, and his daughters. In Judges 14 and 15, we read about Samson’s wives, and let’s not forget Jezebel who we read about in 1 Kings.

As women, we are beautiful. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, because we are all fearfully and wonderfully made! However, we cannot use what God gave us as a weapon to tear down our men. God’s men, to do things we want them to do.

It is not only time for our men to take their rightful place; it’s time for us ladies to let our men be men and step aside. Not neglecting what God has given you to do, but through prayer and taking our rightful place, we will begin to see our men elevate to the place God has called them to be.

Eve wasn’t the only one, but she was the forerunner. So ladies let’s purpose to not be an “Eve”!

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~ Timberley Gray


  1. juliet ifekwu says:

    This is nice but men should try to assist their wivies the best they can…

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Juliet, you are right our husbands should try to help their wives the best they can. But in the meantime we can lead by example as Paul has instructed us to do in 1 Peter 3. Women have great influence over their husbands, but we must be mindful to use that influence as God leads and not as a means to demand our own way.
      ~Blessings you

  2. Lu says:

    There is a great deal of truth, however, as the article said “some men” will step aside and let women become independent. I present that this is becoming the new status quo because men don’t seem to have mature men showing them “how to be a man”.

    While Jehovah God create women to be a “help mate” and a “complement” its been my personal experience that when men feel inadequate they will just let come what may. I agree it is a woman’s place to assist her mate, however, a mate should not become INTIMIDATED and easily swayed by words alone. A marriage should be just that a “fusion” of one to work toward what is right for that fusion. Adam was weak, and didn’t use the resources available to him (which was his direct connection to God). Eve was preyed upon because she was inexperienced and allowed herself to fall from perfection because she didn’t use the resource available to her (Adam). Ultimately, a sad story all the way around – – and here we are living the results.

    • Timberley Timberley says:

      Amen Lu. We must continue to pray for our men to take their rightful place and as a church body train our men to be the man God has called them to be. In the meantime we can stand in the gap through prayer and purpose to do our part and be the help mate God has called us to be. ~Blessings

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