Couch Time

Do you take couch time? Not to long ago we discovered the impact couch time made with our family. Read more to learn why it's important.

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Do you take couch time? Not to long ago we discovered the impact couch time made with our family. Read more to learn why it's important.


How often do you take couch time with your family?

Couch time is something you will hear us reference quite often. It’s designated time to catch up with one another, including our kids.  We also use this time to let everyone know of any specific prayer needs or updates from the day.

Some people have told us that we shouldn’t disclose so much to our children.  Honestly, we’ve found in our transparency with them; it opened their eyes to see God work and has had an impact on their individual relationship with Him.

Our Experience With Couch Time

We remember one particular night during couch time, we asked our kids how their personal devotion time with God going, and what specific prayer requests did they have? Our son Brandon told us he was believing God for a job, so he could buy a car.

Brandon was aware of the financial challenges we were having in our real estate business at the time. So he was willing to work, and decided to petition God for a job to buy a car. While listening to him, I recall asking him why not ask God for the car and let Him determine how you are going to get it? Brandon looked at me as if I had said something foreign.

I told him, why dictate to God how He wants you to get a car. You are telling Him that the only way you can get a car is if you get a job and work for it. Why not just believe God for the car and let Him decide how He will get it to you.  Yes, you can pray also for a job, but don’t put God in a box.


The Results of Couch Time

Brandon began to believe God for a car, as well as the rest of us joined him in his prayer. Two weeks later, I got a phone call from a close friend of the family, who told me she got a new job and was going to buy a new car.  She wanted to know if we wanted to buy her old car for Brandon for $500.

Without hesitation or thinking about whether we had the money or not, I just said yes knowing that this was God answering Brandon’s prayer and that knowing without a shadow of a doubt God was going to provide. As André and I shared this with Brandon’s dad, Brandon’s dad said hey, listen, I will pay for the car if you guys cover the insurance. And there you have it, Brandon got his car!

To top it off a few weeks later, he got his first job at In-N-Out Burger where he worked for over three years. God not only gave him the desires of his heart, but he also provided a job.

Brandon gave this testimony at church one Sunday and he was sharing that it was the first time he actually prayed for something for himself and received what he prayed for. One thing that is important to mention, is that while Brandon was praying for a job, he was working at the school cafeteria as an elective making a small paycheck. Nevertheless, Brandon tithed consistently from that paycheck and kept believing for what he wanted.

As parents, our greatest blessing is to see our children develop a personal relationship with God for themselves. To watch our children seek their God, and not their parent’s God.

While this happened during one of the most challenging financial times of our life; this is one of most memorable moments for us. Not just for us, but for our children to see that God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

It is true that kids don’t necessarily need to know every detail of the challenges you may face. However,  when you’re transparent with what you’re seeking God for; they can see your praise through it, that will help shape their own personal relationship with God.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” ~ 3 John 1:4 (NKJV)

Whether you have children or not, we encourage you to take some couch time. You never know what blessings may come from it.

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~ Timberley Gray

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