June 28
Is there such a thing as fighting fair? No relationship of any type is perfect, and there will be arguments. However, if handled properly through positive communication conflict can lead to a deeper level of intimacy. Learn 10 guidelines to positive communication! Positive Communication Skills |Positive communication for Relationships | #positivecommunication #communicationskills #communicationforrelationships

Fighting Fair

  Is there such a thing as fighting fair? Absolutely. There is no perfect relationship of any type. Whether it’s a church relationships, siblings, co-workers, etc., no relationship is perfect and there will be arguments. However, if handled properly through […]
February 4
Do you feel stuck in a marriage that is unequally yoked? Then I’ve got news for you. YOU can turn that around. Yes, that’s right leading your husband to Christ without saying a word, is the catalyst for turning around an equally yoked marriage to a godly marriage! Read more to learn how.

Leading Your Husband To Christ Without Saying A Word

  Have you lost hope in your marriage? Be encouraged my dear sisters. My friend Angel Penn is hosting a 28 Days to Godly Marriage series, to encourage women in the journey through I do. When Angel invited me to […]
October 19
Want to improve your relationship in 30-days? Take the 30-Day Love Challenge. Read more to find out how.

The Love Challenge

  Have you ever said: “I’m done?” We have! Too many of us extend love based on our tolerance of one’s behavior as opposed to the true depth to the meaning of love. Sure we love food; we love our […]
October 12
Going to bed angry can have a negative effect on our sleep both in the natural and spiritual. Read more to find out what God says about going to bed angry.

3 Reasons To Never Go To Bed Angry

  Are you guilty of going to bed angry? In fact, who went to bed angry last night? Let’s keep this 100%! Many couples go to bed angry, leave the house angry, or even go days without speaking. It sounds […]
July 23
Are you carrying the spiritual weight in your marriage? In this post we welcome guest writer Kip and Tania Beasley who share a few nuggets of wisdom to help you lead your unsaved or lukewarm spouse to Christ.

How To Lead Your Unsaved Or Lukewarm Spouse To Christ – Guest Post

  Today we welcome; Kip and Tania Beasley to the Living Our Priorities community as a guest writer! Kip and Tania are a powerful husband and wife team, who coach couples to reach lifetime partnerships! We asked them to encourage […]
October 28
If you feel like your marriage is too far gone for counseling, ask yourself these 3 questions...

Is My Marriage Too Far Gone For Counseling?

  Do you feel like your marriage is so far gone that even counseling won’t work? Well, we have three questions for you that we ask every couple who comes to us for marriage counseling. We use these three questions, […]
February 13
Are you feeling disconnected from God, or possibly your spouse? Then take the 7 day intimacy challenge. This is for both singles and married couples. Includes a special 7-day sex challenge for married couples! #singles #marriage #romance #christianmarriage #intimacy #love #faith

7 Days of Deeper Intimacy

  Are you feeling disconnected from God, or possibly your spouse? Many times the sense of being disconnected stems from our lack of closeness. When we draw closer to: God, our spouse, our children, or friends, we narrow the gap […]
October 24
Learn practical ways to manage stress in your marriage.

5 Ways To Manage Stress In Marriage By Guests, Lyndan & Vanessa

  It doesn’t matter if you’re the wealthiest couple in America or the most needed. It doesn’t matter if you’re happily married or considering a divorce. Stress is inevitable. So how do you manage stress in your marriage? It’s crazy […]
October 16
Do you kiss your spouse for a minimum of 7 seconds?

The Opened Mouth Kiss

  When was the last time you kissed your spouse? No, we mean really kissed your spouse, with your mouth opened. Yes, we said it, open that mouth and kiss your spouse! A couple of weeks ago, we were listening […]
October 4
I don’t know who said Christians are boring, but that’s so far from the truth of who we are or how God created us to be!

Fish-Net Stockings Anyone?

  Who said Christians are boring? That’s so far from the truth of who we are or how God created us to be! We might be a Christian, and a very proud one at that. However, that doesn’t mean we […]

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