Time Management

July 6
If only we could make time for what matters most. The reality is there is sufficient time; we just have to discern our time by applying these three things…#maketimeforwhatmatters #moretimeinaday #timemanagement #timemanagementtips #maketime #moretime #livingourpriorities #priorities

How To Make Time For What Matters Most

  If only we could make time for what matters most. Whether it’s our to-do list, hobbies, finding more time with loved ones, or even more time to sleep; there simply isn’t enough time. No Time For What Matters We always […]
April 4
Have you considered the domino effect of your decisions? The truth is, our decisions have a domino effect not just in our lives but in the lives of others. However, this effect can be minimized when we learn how to say no to the good for the sake of the better.

Domino Effect

  Have you considered the domino effect of your decisions? The Domino Effect Of Our Decisions Some decisions are pre-mediated with a pre-determined outcome in mind. While other decisions tend to backfire on us. They leave us in a place […]
September 1
Behind every successful woman is a prayer and a planner. But let me be clear, not just any planner will work. Read more to find out why I switched from Bullet Journal To DaySpring Agenda Planner.

Why I Switched From Bullet Journal To DaySpring Agenda Planner

  If you’re too busy for God, then you are just too busy! Can I get an Amen, Sista? Addressing our busyness can be a challenge. Especially, if we’re not honest with how we spend our time. And if you […]
August 9
There's more “to do” than can ever get done. That revelation alone, is overwhelming. Here are 7 solutions to everyday overwhelm, that you can do right now; to reclaim peace, and productivity!

7 Solutions To Everyday Overwhelm – Guest Post

  Today we welcome; Christina Maloney to the Living Our Priorities community as a guest writer! Christina mentors female entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams joyfully. We asked Christina to inspire our readers to find a balance in everyday overwhelm.  If […]
September 9
In 3 simple steps you can change people's perception about you ALWAYS being late. Just by following #1 alone will make a difference.

Stop Running Late By Following These 3 Steps

  If you stay ready, you will never have to get ready! While that is true, it’s probably the most difficult to live by. With the kids back in school, and the fall holiday season around the corner, this makes […]
September 2

Are You Ready To Stop The Love Affair With Distractions?

  Have you ever thought to yourself; I would never cheat on my significant other, on a diet, or better yet on God? The truth is, we ALL do it, when we decide to allow our distractions to keep us […]
August 5
Learn how to plan dinner for one month without repeating a meal. Includes FREE Meal Planning Guide! #MealPlanning #Recipees #DinnerMenu #Menu #Printable #DinnerIdeas #LivingOurPriorities

How To Plan Dinner For One Month Without Repeating A Meal!

  Do you feel like you make the same dishes all the time? I mean, if spaghetti is your go-to meal and on the menu every week, then this blog is for you. Not too long ago I gave you […]
March 18

4 Sure Ways To Avoid Overcommitting

  They say behind every good man is a strong woman. But I say behind every successful woman is prayer and a planner! I’m often asked how is that I manage to get everything done without losing my mind or […]
January 13

Three Ways We Prepare For A Successful New Year

  It’s a New Year and what a great time to reflect, and evaluate how we position ourselves to reach our goals. Last week, we shared three things that we’re NOT going to do this year. In this blog, we […]
June 20
We are often asked how do we find the time to do all that God has called us to do without neglecting our priorities. The answer is in this blog!

5 Ways To Make Time For Your Priorities

  We have been asked many times; how do we keep up with our home; serving in our church; working, raising a family, and time for each other? WOW just that sentence alone is a lot. By the grace of […]

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