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April 12
Are you prepared for a harvest? Sure we all want more in life. However, whether we're content or not with our harvest in life, all comes down to how we prepare. Here are 6 ways to prepare your life for a harvest right now!

Prepare Your Field!

  Are you prepared for a harvest? The Story Of Two Farmers Two farmers were waiting for their harvest season. Farmer A went out and cleared his field, planted seeds, watered and nursed the field every day. Farmer B planted […]
January 13
Before you wrote your goals did you take a moment to reflect on what’s already been accomplished?

The Importance Of Reflection

Before you wrote your goals did you take a moment to reflect on what’s already been accomplished? At the beginning of every year we are quick to make new resolutions and anxious to forget the last year, looking forward to […]
January 6
Do you have a dream? Having big dreams aren’t enough. Dreams require us to have measureable goals, and daily activities. Daily activities will help us reach measureable goals and those goals will help us achieve our dreams.

So You’ve Written Your Goals Now What?

  “Write the vision and make it plain,” many quote it, some actually write it, but then what? When it comes to goal setting or writing visions for our future, there are many people who quote this scripture, Habakkuk 2:2 […]
November 12
When we live a life a gratefulness it creates a spirit of thanksgiving.

How To Find Gratitude In The Daily Hustle!

I’m thankful for this meal, but it could have used a little more seasoning. I love my job, however, the people I work with get on my nerves. I’m not complaining; just saying. Really? That sounds like complaining to us. […]
November 4
As believers we are called to be different not odd.

Can Christians Coexist In The World And Be Different?

  If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you’ve heard the passage from Paul that says; be all things to all people. Unfortunately, too many believers have taken that passage and used it to justify their behavior […]
July 8

America: Are We The Land Of The Free Or The Great Divide?

  Together we stand, divided we fall. It’s that simple! Everywhere we turn the gap between us widens. From the have’s to have not’s, from the godly to the ungodly, from the left wing to the right wing, from race […]
March 26
What if we were measured by our failure instead of our success? Will that make us comfortable with failing?

What If We Were Measured By Our Failure Instead Of Our Success?

  What if we were measured by our failure instead of our success? Would that make us more comfortable with failing? We didn’t give that any thought until we were asked to share a recent failure. Thinking About Our Failures […]
March 4

How Quick Are You To Extend Grace?

  Do unto others as you want done unto you. Seriously, how many times do we demand something of others that we are not willing to do ourselves? It’s really easy to sit back and point out what others are […]
February 21

Being Content Without Being Complacent

  Have you ever wished your circumstances were different? Have you said out loud to yourself, I wish I had more money; I wish I had more time; I wish my husband would pay more attention to me, etc. We […]
October 30
Life in itself can weigh us down. But there is hope, we can choose to keep it simple!

Keep It Simple

  Life in itself can weigh us down. From getting up for work, trying to get work-out time in, finding time with God, homework with the kids, cooking dinner, night time routines, dropping the kids off here or there, and […]

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